Bowfishing Tips

Bowfishing has gained popularity to a lot of fishing enthusiasts around the world. It is a sport that uniquely combines fishing and bow hunting. Moreover, getting into this type of hobby is inexpensive unlike other related sports. Basically, legal species allowed for bowfishing include carp, dogfish, and gar.

A person who wants to engage in bowfishing must need to have a few pointers to follow as it can be challenging if he or she doesn’t know the basics. If you don’t know what things you need to bring when going bowfishing, here are a few tips that you need to ponder.

  • The bow – This piece of equipment doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy. If you have an old hunting bow, it will do just great. Otherwise, if you ought to buy a new one, it will be priced at around $100 or so.
  • Bowfishing reel – Being set up together in front of the bow through the hole of the stabilizer is the reel. One of the best reels that you can buy is the bowfishing reel from AMS. It is built into a canister that spools freely and runs out freely when used to catch a fish. A lever will be available for pulling the line and cranking it back in.
  • The arrows – There are various types of arrows that can be utilized for this type of sport. Arrows are made out of fiberglass. Just don’t cut them down and leave them as they can be purchased in this condition. If the arrow is whole, it will be heavier and it can penetrate the water more effectively.

If you want to purchase a whole kit, you might get separate instructions on the package. So when you are all geared up, it is time for bowfishing. You can do it during the night or day from the shore or on your boat. Just hang out in locations where there are abundant species of carp, dogfish, or any similar varieties for bowhunting allowed by law in your area.

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