Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

There are only three things that primarily attract scuba divers around the world. These attractions include dramatic walls, exciting animal encounters, and the lush coral reefs. But there is more to it when a diver goes to the Bahamas, an island country with around 700 islands in the Lucayan Archipelago within the Atlantic Ocean. Here are a few of the interesting spots that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Hammerhead Dive in the Bimini Islands – From the months of October to around mid-March, there is one particular sighting that sets other diving experiences apart. This is because of the convergence of hammerhead sharks below the sandy channel of the South and North Bimini.

  • Angelfish Blue Holes – There is only one location in the world for tidal blue holes, having unique geological features. No wonder a lot of divers with all skillset and experience levels come down here to discover the difference between dark-blue waters and the light-blue water around these holes.
  • Shark Encounter at Nassau in New Providence – If you are fond of shark watching up close, Nassau is the place to be. You can experience a  dual tank dive where it is possible for you to witness shark feeders wearing chain mail luring a couple of reef sharks.
  • Shark Dive in Grand Bahama – There is a premier location in the Grand Bahama that caters to the cravings of scuba divers. This is the company pioneering in shark diving in the country. Feeding reef sharks is done by a professional and divers will have the opportunity to get into the mix to make the experience a bit breathtaking.

Scuba divers never run out of exhilarating moments when visiting the Bahamas for a quick dive. However, this place is not just for professional scuba divers. Basically, there are services offered in the country that can also provide training to those who want to learn the basics and finally get to have a close encounter in a diver’s paradise.

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