Women of the Wave: The Three Surfing Greats of the Blomfield Family

In Hawaii, surfing is a part of life and that holds true to the three women in the Blomfield family, Lyne, Honolua and Kula. Their love for surfing didn’t only bring them together, but it also brought pride to the island they call home.

Born in Oahu but raised on the island of Maui, the mother Lyne grew up an avid surfer and after an all-girls surf trip in Oahu, she rekindled her love for surfing that eventually led to her moving back to her birthplace where her daughters’ careers would start. Honolua started surfing with her mom at the age of two and began competing at the age of four.

Being a surfer himself, Honolua’s Dad became her coach and travelled with her to compete in different locations as she grew up. 

She started winning in small competitions and eventually moved on to winning bigger surfing gigs where she was noticed as one of the most competitive women surfers in both the longboard and shortboard.

Honolua eventually became a master of both the long- and shortboards gaining her three WSL Longboard World Championships, the most recent one she won in the 2021 Jeep Malibu Classic. 

This was an iconic moment for the surfing great bringing back her memory of surfing in Malibu for the first time at age 10.

But more than winning world titles, Honolua, her Mom Lyne and sister Kula who’s now following in her foosteps will always go back to quiet moments back in their hometown surfing together and spending time as a family. Lyne said: “I have so many memories of those two catching waves. When you love surfing and you see your daughters surf together, that just fills my heart.”

Honolua continues to conquer the surfing world with her impeccable performance, but she would always go back to where she first started catching waves with her mother and father guiding her, Oahu. It is where she first fell in love with surfing, after all, and it is where her heart will always be, her Ohana.

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