3 Animals That Should Aptly be Called Superheroes of the Ocean

We hate to break it to you but Aquaman’s not the real superhero of the ocean. A lot of aquatic species have been playing huge roles in not only protecting their homes but also in keeping the ocean ecosystems healthy, which benefits all of humankind.

Let’s get to know three of these real-life superheroes of the ocean:

Dusky batfish

Also known as shaded batfish, this type of fish is found mostly in the Great Barrier Reef and Western Pacific, and it’s known for being a color shifter.

But more than its amazing color that begins from black to a golden yellow, the dusky batfish helps remove macroalgae from coral reefs, according to research done by James Cook University in Queensland.


For most of us, sharks are terrifying and dangerous, especially because of how they are portrayed in movies. But sharks are actually considered superheroes of the ocean because of how they help  maintain the balance in the world’s ocean ecosystems.

Since sharks are on top of the food chain, they help keep predatory fish in check, so that herbivorous fish populations can continue to thrive and help protect the ecosystem. 

Sharks also help keep the aquatic population healthy by hunting down and feeding on sick animals.

Harlequin shrimp

The harlequin shrimp is a very small critter at just two inches in length, but it’s a real superhero when it comes to protecting the world’s coral reefs because it helps keep dangerous sea stars at bay.

Found in the Pacific and Indian oceans, the harlequin shrimp feeds on the Crown of Thorn Sea Stars which eats up a lot of coral reefs.

According to a study by the University of the Philippines, the harlequin shrimp fed on up to 6% of the COT sea stars population which helped deterred their growth and protected the world’s corals.

There are still a lot of unknown superheroes in our vast oceans and they all play important roles in keeping our world healthy.

So, if you encounter an aquatic animal that’s new to you, make sure to avoid harming it, no matter how small.

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