Top Tech Dive Equipment You Can’t Live (or Dive) Without ….

Technical divers are a league of their own. They are not your typical hobbyist divers as they easily dive past so-called recreational diving limits with their specialized equipment.

Thankfully, top tech dive equipment is not difficult to find and you can easily tick them off your list to ensure you have what you need for your next diving expedition.

The Tank and Its Components

The importance of the tank is in SCUBA itself, which stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Scuba tanks can contain simple compressed gases or in the case of tech diving, specialized gases like Nitrox or Trimix depending on the diving depths.

There are two important pieces of gear to cradle the tank: the wing which adjusts your buoyancy and the backplate which supports the tank on your back. Together, they form the harness system that securely holds the tank in place while you dive.

This single tank deluxe set, for instance, brings all these core components together as it has a donut wing and a stainless steel backplate. In fact, there are many combo harness systems that have what you need at the price of one.

Of course, if you already own a wing set, you can opt for a standalone purchase like this aluminum backplate. Likewise, you can buy a donut wing for your single tank that has buoyancy control.


Additional spare parts for tech diving are as important as the main components themselves. It always pays to carry them in your bag just in case you run into emergency gear problems while on a technical diving trip.

You can certainly use adapters and tank straps. Buckles are also useful, too. They ought to be non-slippery and securely fasten your harness system with the right band length.

This regulator necklace is another important accessory; it keeps your tank in place and is fully adjustable for both regular and tech diving.

Buying Tech Dive Equipment

Quality and suitability are top considerations when buying tech dive equipment and gear. Do your homework so you can buy what you are looking for.

Here’s to more diving adventures!

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