Top Swimsuit Brands You Should Give a Try

The bitterly cold winter has finally melted into spring, prompting many people to head off to the stores and buy swimsuits for summer. But, if you're one of these folks, do you know where to shop for your swimwear? If you haven't yet made your decision, check out these brands to buy pretty and value-for-money beach duds:


Speedo is famous for their sturdy and high-quality swimwear, so you know you'll always get great deal when buying from them. Make sure to look at their one-piece swimsuits, which are made of four-way stretch fabric that lets you enjoy comfort and flexibility while giving you a smooth, sleek look.

Mara Hoffman

Want to stand out from the crowd? Mara Hoffman's swimwear range is the best choice for you. The popular designer has become a favorite of fashionistas because of her colorful, eye-catching patterns and stylish designs. Her swimwear cost more than other brands, but you'll get your money's worth since you'll end up with a chic and trendy piece.

Victoria's Secret

This company is well-known for their sexy lingerie, but they also have a range of  swimwear for women who want to look their best while sunbathing and swimming. Browse through their halter, bandeau and strappy bikinis to find something that lets you strut your stuff on the beach. Want more coverage? Take a look at their tankinis and one-piece swimsuits and choose from a wide range of colours, patterns and designs.

J. Crew

You've probably noticed that they have a large fan base, which isn't surprising since J. Crew gives the best of both worlds. By offering both sexy and stunning swimsuits and modest but highly stylish rash guards, they give customers a wide range of options to choose from while letting them know they'll be beach-ready no matter what they pick.

These are just some of the brands you should check out when buying swimwear. Shop around now to find a swimsuit that will rock your summer!

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