Top 5 Dive Resorts in the World

To rate them would be ludicrous as each diving resort is unique and awesome on its own. But to find the top among them around the world – it’s an overwhelming task but one we’ll try to undertake so that you’ll have a proper guide when deciding which resort to go next.

From Europe to Asia, the top dive resorts in the world come in all sizes with some serving thousands while others are down to accommodating only a hundred divers. Their offers are also far and wide with some providing exclusive services while others cater to the most basic needs.

Check out the following for your best dive yet.

Kia Ora Resort & Spa in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Kia Ora resort of Rangiroa Atoll in Polynésia From Wikimedia Commons

Let’s start the list with a luxurious dive resort renowned for its rich coral atoll that stretches 350 miles. New divers can bask in the shallow areas of the atoll while those who want to venture into deeper levels can also take their pick.

Kia Ora Resort consists of two resorts – with the main property spanning 60 luxurious villas and bungalows overlooking the beach and lagoon. The second property is a private island named Le Sauvage where guests can reach within an hour with a boat ride.

Shark and dolphin lovers will also be delighted to know that there’s an everyday show to satisfy their wants.

Lizard Island, Australia

Photo by: Cory Doctorow of (Wikimedia Commons)

Although the island is just a little above 3 miles, the resort aims to give you everything you need including a dive shop. So whatever equipment you need to complete your sea exploration will be provided. Just northwest of Brisbane, this resort is accessible despite the fact that it’s a secluded island where you can easily get lost. Those who prefer to have higher privacy will find this place ideal.

North Island in Seychelles

Aside from the handcrafted villas and opulent designs, the view is also spectacular from the Indian Ocean. Oval shaped with hills for more than a mile, there is activity for everybody and not just for divers. Jogging, biking and strolling can be undertaken. However when the water beckons, sea fans, sponges, colorful corals and many other wonderful sea creatures are waiting there. Truly a diver’s paradise as North Island is one of Seychelles’ most picturesque locations.

Crusoe Island in Chile

Privacy is highly considered in this dive island resort. Being 420 miles offshore, it can only be reached through a prop airplane from mainland Chile and then one can get a 30 minute boat ride.

There are 400 species of fish and a lot fur seals which are sure to delight divers. Plus, there’s the Dresden, a German light cruising ship that sank during World War II which makes a great wreck diving experience for anybody interested.

A full wetsuit is needed because the water can get very chilly and just reaching 70F during summers.

Aside from water activities, there’s also bird watching, trekking, horseback riding among others.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji

Photo by: Roderick Eime of (Wikimedia Commons)

When you wake up with waves in your feet, the morning can be spent diving right away with Subsurface Fiji. Reef sharks and other unique water animals await the eager diver. Snorkeling can be the afternoon activity and you’ll find yourself face to face with Moorish idols, unicornfish and anthias just to name a few.

In early evening, guests can lounge in mini Jacuzzis or in the pool and just laze around with the lovely Fiji sky as background. No matter the time of day, your pleasure is always on top in this diving resort.

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