Top 4 Diving Spots in Cayman Islands

Ever wondered what it would be like to go diving in Cayman Islands? Given this travel destination’s beautiful attractions, natural and otherwise, expect a dive to be just as wonderful, with underwater wonders that will leave you in awe.

Here is a list of diving sites in the Caymans that we highly recommend.

1. Orange Fissure

For decades, divers have been visiting this fissure on the wall and just keep coming back for more. It is named as such because of the giant orange elephant-ear sponges that are stuck on the wall. Usual residents are schools of silversides, occasionally joined in by large tarpons. Descend through the fissure and find your way out at about 100 feet.

2. Bonnie’s Arch

Named after Bonnie Charles, a photographer who disappeared on the wall some few years ago, Bonnie’s Arch is located at the north end of Cayman’s West Bay. Think of it as a garden under the sea with branches of soft corals in a carpet of sea fans. Reef dwellers include squirrel fish and chromis. Dive down at about 70 feet to find an arch of undercut coral that is rarely seen in the Caribbean.

3. Babylon

A dive site that is as interesting as its namesake, Babylon is a wall that starts at 40 feet, takes a vertical drop and then turns into a series of plate coral cascading to 100 feet below. It is home to black coral bushes and abundant sponges that are frequently visited big spotted eagle rays.

4. USS Kittiwake

This is a new addition of the many wrecks in the Cayman Islands. It is a former submarine rescue vessel of the U.S. Navy that was sunk in 2011. It took 8 years before the vessel was donated, but it was definitely worth the wait. Sitting upright at just 64 feet deep in the sandy bottom of the Cayman Islands, it is easier to reach than other wreck sites. It has also been cleared of anything that would pose a risk to divers, such as bulkhead doors and hanging wires. Explore with freedom and ease this 251-foot ship.

Get your scuba gear ready and take a plunge at any of these  diving spots in Cayman Islands. 

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