Technical Diving Essentials

There is always a first time for everything – including diving. But one of the things that have become an interesting topic for scuba enthusiasts is  technical diving. Well, it is not actually rocket science because it is basically the activity set outside the recreational diving limits.

It has become an important topic because it allows the diver to gain freedom to explore and dive beyond the usual diving limits. So when you talk about technical diving, there are a few essentials that you need to consider.

Skills For Technical Diving

You really need skills because it actually means the difference between life and death. Thus, you have to keep it razor sharp. This means that there is no room for just about or good enough.

Technical Diving Rules

You have to pay attention to details when you want to consider technical diving. Take note that it is not your usual recreational dive. So you need to be focused on the basic technical diving rules. Likewise, things are not that simple because you simply can’t ascent right away to the surface because of the obligatory decompression stops.

So you need to know how much gas you are going to use and make sure you have enough supply to complete the entire dive. This means that you also have a lot of healthy reserve for emergencies.

The difference between a recreational dive and a technical dive is that you can ascend any time you wish with the former and the exact opposite for the latter. That is because you have no decompression limits when you dive recreationally. So, you must know how deep you are going and for how long with technical diving.

Technical Diving Equipment

It is necessary to have a backup system for everything when you go technical diving. This includes a buoyancy device, a computer, a mask, and a regulator, among others. It is critical to go diving with just a single item in which your life depends on. So if you do carry a backup with you, it doesn’t matter if you have a catastrophic loss of one system, which is exactly the principle of  technical diving.

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