Technical Diving Accessories You Should Have

It is so exciting to buy  new diving gear for any diver, regardless of their certification level. But just as you would buy a diving gear, you should also consider different accessories that go with it.

Diving Compass

Just as having a compass when you are out in the middle of a desert or mountain, it is important to have one when you go underwater. This will guide and enable you to safely navigate back home without getting stuck.

There is a huge selection of compasses that would work for your advantage. But take note that some would work differently than others.

Emergency Signaling Device

Take note that it is a matter of life and death when you are separated from your boat while scuba diving. That is why getting attention should be crucial with emergency signaling devices.

Among the emergency signaling devices that you can use for your  scuba diving needs are the marine rescue GPS, air horn, and surface marker buoy, among others.

Dive Knife

If you are a scuba diver, one of the things that you should have in your stash is the dive knife. In fact, it is one of the best tools that a diver can have.

A dive knife is a general tool that divers use to cut entangled fishing rap or line on their tanks. Dive knives are not weapons, so it should not be used to endanger aquatic creatures.

  • Dive knife – stainless steel or titanium knife is commonly a sharp cutting edge and sawing edge.
  • Dive tool – a dive knife’s sharp tip has been replaced with a prying tool.
  • Dive shears – these are good for cutting a monofilament line.
  • Z-knives – used for cutting fishing net or line with its specialized hooks with a blade.

There are several other  scuba diving accessories out there that you should check out as well. Such would include a full-size gear bag, dive lights, tool kit, and many others.

Each of these accessories might just save your life when scuba diving. So always pay attention to safety before scuba diving by keeping a list of the necessary dive accessories.

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