Surfing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Surfing is not an easy sport to learn, but it is never too late to start surfing. However, riding the waves is not simply just having a board with the aid of the waves. There are some tricks and techniques to learn before you hit surfing the first time. Learning these will help you get started and a lifetime of fun under and over the waves.

Take a look at these basic tips and tricks for newbies:

  • Pick the right surfboard. It is best to pick a used surfboard at online classifieds, surf shops, or yard sales as it is cheaper. Also, pick a surfboard that is wide and thick enough so you can paddle easily. The right board depends on your height and size; ideally, beginners surfboards should be at least 7.8 or longer, and 21-22 wide.
  • If you are learning through DIY, it is never an option to surf alone. Or if you have the budget, enroll in a surf camp where an instructor will be around all the time to keep you on the safe side while learning.
  • Choose a surfing spot with calm and smaller waves. Also, it is best to  start surfing on uncrowded beaches to enjoy more waves. The more waves, the faster you will surf better.
  • Practice your landing pop up every day. Take a few minutes working on your arm strength. Several pop ups a day on the beach before you go surfing will make it easier for you when you are on the board.
  • When riding prone, always keep the nose board perpendicular to the waves. Paddle out when you are on waist high water, ease your body onto the board nice and slow.
  • Bend your knees to absorb shock and better balance.
  • Once the board starts to stabilize on the water, pop up.
  • Cover your head with your arms when you fall from your board. Never dive off headfirst.
  • Always wear a surf leash
  • Last but most importantly, have fun!

Learning these easy to remember tips will let you ride the waves in no time. 

So, soak up the sun and have the most fun! 

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