Should You Take Your Surfboard With You When Traveling Abroad?

What better way to hone your surfboarding skills than to ride the waves in new locations? You have been dreaming of surfing in new exotic locations and you start wondering if you can take your surfboard with you in your next adventure.

So, before you plan your next surfing trip, it is best to know the advantages and downsides of bringing your surfboard with you. Considering various aspects would ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Here’s everything you need to know should you consider taking your surfboard abroad.


Where are you going surfing? If you are going to a popular diving location, for sure there will be an ample selection of surfboards. But if your next destination is less crowded, finding that perfect surfboard can be a challenge.


How much will be the added cost for checking in a surfboard? Are you prepared to pay the extra fee?

Some airlines charge a substantial fee depending on the airline you are flying with. The fee is also dependent on whether it is a short or a long-haul flight. Long flights are obviously more expensive compared to short-haul flights. Check which airlines allow surfboard check ins for free or with minimal charges.

Type of Board

Standard surfboards are practically in every shop, so if you are used to standard boards, you won’t find it hard to come across a surfboard that suits you. However, if you are used to riding a  customized surfboard, then, it would be difficult to find.

With these considerations plus the hassle of dealing with luggage policies and the risks of losing or damaging your well-loved surfboard, it is suggested to weigh the best options for you. If you do not have the extra budget for the airline charges, then, renting a surfboard on your next surfing trip is a great option.

However, if you are more comfortable riding your own surfboard and are fine with the airline fee, take your surfboard wherever you go. But remember to clearly mark your surf bag to make it easily identifiable. Protect your surfboard by using wrap pipe insulation, and bubble wrap, and add more cushioning. Lastly, get a secure and durable surf bag, especially if it is a long trip.

Should you bring your surfboard with you? This depends on how much you love your board and your willingness to pay for the extra cost.

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