Scuba Show 2024 Heads to Los Angeles!

Calling all scuba diving enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting change as Scuba Show 2024 gears up to make a splash in Los Angeles on June 1-2, 2024. This monumental move marks a significant shift from its longstanding presence in Long Beach, introducing attendees to a new and vibrant location at the LA Convention Center.

Since its inception in 1987, the Scuba Show has been a staple event in Long Beach, finding its home first on the Queen Mary and then at the Long Beach Convention Center from 2000 onwards. However, after the conclusion of the 2023 event, unforeseen circumstances emerged. 

The City of Long Beach had a citywide event planned during the 2024 Scuba Show dates, resulting in limited parking availability, including at the convention center. Despite offering alternate dates, logistics posed a challenge, prompting the unprecedented decision to shift venues.

Now, diving enthusiasts can look forward to a whole new experience at the LA Convention Center. Nestled within the dynamic entertainment hub of LA Live, this venue offers a myriad of attractions within easy reach. From sports venues like the Arena, the Peacock Theater for concerts and awards shows, open-air spaces with stunning LED towers, and an array of dining options to entertainment spots, hotels, and the renowned GRAMMY Museum—this area is a scuba diver's paradise both within and beyond the convention center walls.

Accessibility is key, with the convention center strategically positioned at the nexus of major freeways and boasting parking for 3,800 vehicles (albeit at a slightly increased rate of $25 per day). However, for those looking for alternative transport, the nearby Metro stop presents a convenient and eco-friendly option to avoid the hustle of parking.

But it's not just about the location; the Scuba Show promises an upgraded experience. The exhibit hall itself is expanding by a significant 14,000 square feet compared to its Long Beach counterpart.

Additionally, six seminar rooms, easily accessible by escalator from the show floor, will host a series of informative sessions throughout the weekend. The beloved features like the pool, photo stations, a massive 16-foot video wall, and the vibrant DECO Zone, complete with refreshments and bars, will make a comeback. Not to forget, the Saturday Night party, set at The Cove, an outdoor covered space within the convention center premises, promises an evening of celebration and camaraderie.

Expect enriching seminars led by diving experts and industry professionals. Moreover, the virtual showcase offers an innovative platform to explore the latest dive equipment and accessories. Dive into images and videos showcasing  gear in action, locate nearby retailers, or directly inquire for more information—bringing the ultimate diving experience closer to enthusiasts.

Why join the Scuba Show?

These events offer an incredible opportunity for both seasoned divers and newcomers to be a part of a gathering that comes with many benefits.

●Unparalleled learning experience from workshops and seminars conducted by seasoned professionals.

●Community and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals, allowing you to connect with fellow divers, forge new friendships, and even meet potential dive buddies for your future underwater escapades.

●Access to cutting-edge gear and technology, from innovative diving suits and  high-tech gadgets to state-of-the-art underwater cameras.

●Discover new dive destinations as scuba shows offer a window to explore a plethora of potential dive sites.

●Environmental awareness and conservation efforts with some sessions dedicated to environmental initiatives, raising awareness about ocean preservation, and promoting sustainable diving practices.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for an unparalleled experience at Scuba Show 2024 in the heart of Los Angeles. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just starting your underwater adventures, this event promises to be a treasure trove of all things scuba!

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