Scuba Choice Father's Day Special

Give the gift of underwater experience with our Father's Day Special at 20% off.


expires on 6/18/17

Father’s Day is the best time to honor dads all over the world and do something special for them. Whether you are looking for a gift to surprise your husband or a new water sports gear for your dad’s favorite hobby, worrying about last-minute shopping will not be necessary.

Full Face Snorkel Masks

We have an array of full masks for snorkeling that come in different sizes and color, including models with prescription lenses. Our anti-fog masks also have the GoPro edition, with a mount attachment for capturing underwater videos.

Snorkel Master Black Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Attachment
Price $54.98

Suunto Sports Products

A trusted brand of professionals, Suunto is known for sports watches, compasses and dive products. Our featured items include Suunto CB-Two In Line 300/Zoop Novo Black Computer Combo BAR, Suunto CB-Two In Line 4000/ 230 Gauge Combo PSI, Suunto D4i Novo Wrist Dive Computer Watch. Suunto SK8 Diving Wrist Compass, Suunto Zoop Novo Wrist Dive Computer Watch.

Suunto D4i Novo Wrist Dive Computer Watch
Price $824.95

Scuba Choice Palantic Traveler Travel BCD, Royal Blue

Keep your man safe while diving with our ultimate back-floatation buoyancy control device. Available in different sizes and weight capacity, this gear also comes with a soft and flexible backpack.

Scuba Choice Palantic Traveler Travel BCD, Royal Blue
Price $269.98

Snorkel Master Snorkeling Adult Mask and Snorkel Fins Set- Blue

Need to replace your husband’s snorkeling gear? Why not get a set for both of you? This product is available for both men and women. Complete with a snorkel with silicone mouthpiece and purge valve, mask with hypoallergenic silicone skirt and fins in vibrant blue color.

Snorkel Master Snorkeling Adult Mask, Snorkel, & Fins Set, Blue
Price $34.98

Cressi Nano Mask

Whether he is into free diving or spear fishing, this mask from Cressi lets him maneuver in small spaces, with minimal internal volume. Simply a perfect fit and the perfect choice!

Cressi Nano Mask
Price $89.98

Cressi-Sub Men’s Gara 3000 LD Long Distance Long Blade Diving Fins

A better version of the original Gara 3000, this model is built with softer blade material which requires less muscle work for kicking.

Cressi-Sub Men's Gara 3000 LD Long Distane Long Blade Diving Fins
Price $119.98

Cressi Dive Console Large Computer & Instrument Bag

This bag comes with the perfect measurement of 10” x 7” x 2” for protecting and organizing his diving gauge, console and instrument while inside his gear bag.

Cressi Dive Console Large Computer & Instrument Bag
Price $13.98

Scuba Choice Silicone Dive Mask with Yellow Mirror-coated Lens + Black Snorkel Combo

This mask and snorkel combo is made of fine and durable materials for a safer and more enjoyable underwater adventure. The Scuba Choice Palantic snorkel is perfect for free diving and spear fishing.

Scuba Choice Silicone Dive Mask With Yellpw Mirror Coated Lense + Black Snorkel Combo
Price $44.98

Scuba Choice Blue Aluminum 4ft. Pole Spear

If your dad engages in spear fishing, this pole spear with a 7” spear tip is just the perfect gift choice. It is made of aluminum material and stainless steel spear tip.

Scuba Choice Blue Aluminum 4ft Pole Spear, With 7" Speartip
Price $51.98

With these gift choices at 20% discount, you can have a more special Father’s Day celebration this year!

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