Ice Diving Destinations in Europe

A lot of people enjoy ice diving because it is an exciting activity. Despite the cold, they still go on ice dives because of the fun and adventure it provides. So for those passionate about ice diving, here are some of the  best diving spots around Europe.

(Well for those people who has passion for ice diving, they would really dive despite of the very cold temperature underwater. So, for those who love to go on adventure under the water you might want to check this out. Here are some of the best diving spots around Europe.)

The Green Lake in Austria

This lake is popular among divers. Why? Who would have thought that a lake becomes a park when Spring comes? Yes, inflows come from snowmelt which results to the lake becoming hard and cold.

In fact it reaches a maximum depth of around 12m in mid May to June and water shrinks in July. Underneath, we can find small crabs, snail, water fleas, larvae and trout.

We can also take pictures of the famous bench under the lake as well as walk in the bridge, and hang from the trees underwater. Definitely interesting, right?

Val Thorens, French Alps in France

If you want to have the best adventure while on holiday, visit this great destination in the French Apls. Aside from skiing and their long zip line, they also have underwater diving.

Just a short distance from the resort is where you can find their ice diving area. Suit up! It’s going to be a cold ride.

The Fjord of Tasiilaq, Greenland

They say that this is one of the world’s largest and dangerous icebergs and what better way than to experience it yourself!

Nobody has dived here before said the locals from Greenland. But if you want to try a completely different and more challenging diving spot, you can try diving here. It will be an ice diving experience you won’t forget!

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