How to Safely Go Back to Scuba Diving Amidst the COVI19 Pandemic?

The COVID19 pandemic has forced many industries to halt from operating. Even the global diving community has faced the challenges caused by the coronavirus.

While health organizations and countries across the globe are continuously finding ways to control the spread of the virus, businesses including the diving community are also slowly working on guidelines so they can go back to  diving safely.

After the restrictions are lifted, the diving community must adapt to the changes, to the new normal.

These safety precautions may be a challenge, but everyone must adhere to ensure the safety of scuba divers and the people within diving communities.

  • Wear a face covering or face mask when in public settings or in diving center facilities at all times. Business owners must impose this to staff, customers, and diving instructors.
  • Practice regular hand washing. Fresh clean water, soap, or 75% alcohol-based sanitizers must be accessible for everyone.
  • Protect everyone by observing social distancing. Limit the number of people in one area and prevent gatherings.
  • Conduct health screenings for staff, customers, and diving instructors. Deny entry to people with COVID19 related symptoms or signs of being unwell. Do not let clients with COVID19 like symptoms attend diving lessons or activities. Encourage clients to seek medical assistance immediately and stay at home.
  • Conduct regular sanitation is all areas of the diving facilities, boats, lockers, classrooms, bathrooms, desks, chairs, door handles, workbenches, tables, computer keyboards, diving equipment, and other surfaces that clients and staff may touch. Disinfection procedures must adhere to local and state disinfection guidelines.
  • Encourage clients to shower and wash their diving equipment at home.
  • Post clear disinfection policies and guidelines to keep people aware before entering your business.
  • If possible, conduct online or virtual classes to minimize direct contact. This also prevents the spread of the virus as the number of people entering the diving facility is limited.
  • Limit the number of divers per boat for proper social distancing.
  • Remind divers not to share  equipment.

Even when restrictions are lifted, this is not a guarantee that COVID19 has been eradicated.

It is essential to strictly and regularly impose these new policies among business staff and clients along with your existing business guidelines.

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