How To Keep Kids Safe While Snorkeling

Diving is one of things that you can teach your children showing interest at what you do underwater. That said, snorkelling is a good way start. But how do you keep your  kids safe while snorkelling?

Snorkelling Equipment

It is important to note that snorkelling is a water activity also called as water hiking or swimming with fins. Doing so requires 3 basic accessories for your children to start with. Such wold include a pair of fins,  a mask, and a snorkel.

Another thing to note is that this activity can get your kids at risk of getting cold quickly when in the water. So it is also important to provide a good thermal protection like a snorkelling suit. This will keep them protected from sunburn, as well as scratches from the rocks.

But sometimes if you can’t provide a wetsuit, you can let your child wear an anti-ultraviolet T-shirt instead. This will serve as waterproof sunscreen to protect the back of the legs and arms.

Fair Weather And Good Location

When you are going with your child on a snorkelling trip for the first time, it is good to do so on a day with a good weather condition. Likewise, choose a place where the sea is calm and not crowded by too many swimmers.

Also, there is no need to go far out because there are bands of rock along the shore where your child gets interested in sea animals and encounter new species. But pick a spot where he or she can stand on the sea floor safely.

Using The Mask and Snorkel

If he or she is still new to snorkelling, you can teach the basic principles first. This includes breathing only through the mouth when wearing the snorkel. You can let her or him practice in a swimming pool or a bathtub if necessary.

You can let your child wear the mask and the snorkel and begin the practice at the beach. But do so on the edge of the water while sitting or standing. After getting familiar with these  snorkelling tools, the fins will be the next equipment if your kid already know how to swim.

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