Dive In! Here Are the Best Diving Destinations You Can Visit this May

Diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences that a person can have in their lifetime. It gives a sense of rush, thrill, and wonder as it opens up your eyes to the beauty that lies underwater.

This May, scuba diving calls for travel bugs and diving enthusiasts altogether as this month is high time to sink into the waters and explore what lies underneath.

If you're itching for a one-of-a-kind travel experience this month, why not go for the thrills of diving? As a guide, here are a few diving destinations you can visit this May.

Soccoro, Mexico

If you love manta rays, then Soccoro, Mexico is the destination for you. May is the most magical month to visit for diving because this is when these beautiful creatures abound.


Sunny Australia is never short on great diving destinations that thrill-seekers love to come back and visit any time of the year. However, May is known to be a hot month for divers especially if you've been dreaming to dive into the Great Barrier Reef.

Cancun, Mexico

Crystal clear waters are what Cancun is known for. If you're thinking about capturing the beauty of underwater wonders and boast it to your followers on Instagram, then this is a perfect destination for you. Cancun, Mexico is filled with great marine life that will take your breath away!

Fakarava & Rangiroa, French Polynesia

In this part of the world, May is the perfect time for dry skies and calm seas. Fakarava and Rangiroa is the perfect diving spot for those who are seeking to witness a wide array of marine life such as barracudas, manta rays, dolphins, reef sharks, and many more.

Komodo, Indonesia

May is the best time of the year for great marine life visibility in Komodo, Indonesia. Swim alongside more than a thousand species of fish and you may even spot some manta rays swimming about. If you like to  dive without being bothered by a huge crowd of tourists, then this month is the perfect time to do so here.

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