Best Scuba Diving Regulators For 2019 – Do Not Dive Without One!

If you are looking to buy some scuba diving regulators this year, then you should know which ones make it to the top. This will guide you in choosing the best gear for your diving experience.

Atomic Aquatics B2 With Swivel

When beauty and comfort matter to you when diving, the B2 is the one to meet your expectations. It is ergonomically designed to be the most comfortable second stage in the world.

Scubapro MK25

Arguably, one of the best brands for scuba gear is Scubapro, which can also be a bit pricey to consider for first-timers. However, it provides superior ultra-high airflow system to gain maximum performance to suit all diving conditions and temperatures.

Cressi T10-SC Cromo Master

When you are a bit cramped up on your budget, perhaps the Cromo Master second stage regulator would suit your needs. Although it is not the highest rated regulator on the planet, it is one of the cheapest. The company is aimed at providing the needed equipment for everyday divers.

Sherwood SR2

The regulator that was first released by Sherwood now has been enhanced and its legacy lives on. The advanced technology in this new device makes it a superior high-performance regulator system.

Mares Abyss 22 Navy II

If you are a professional diver, you should require no less than reliability and top performance under the toughest conditions underwater. Fortunately, Mares has created a suitable equipment for you. In fact, you can use it when diving under the ice.

Zeagle F8

The new flagship regulator of Zeagle comes with a completely new platform. The name has been derived from the well-established line of regulators from Zeagle. Even with its totally new design, it has maintained its strict quality control and state of the art technology.

Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme

Many divers believe that Aqua Lung is indeed the best dive gear manufacturer on the planet to date. If you require a regulator, the Legend LUX Supreme is your go to product. With this amazing piece of equipment, you will surely get what you expect.

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