Aloha Hawaii: Three Must-Try Diving Spots on the Island

You can’t talk about surfing and not think of Hawaii. After all, Hawaiians invented surfing and some of the best surfers in the world come from its islands. So, if you’re planning to visit Hawaii for surfing, here are three spots that you should visit:

Honolua Bay

If you’re in Maui, Honolua Bay is an institution for experienced surfers. Featuring the best swells all year round, this spot attracts hundreds of surfers on any given day trying to catch some of its amazing barrels that offer an amazing surfing experience.

This area is not ideal for beginner surfers, however, because of the shallow reef line and strong current, but you can always watch these pro surfers ride those waves or shop at the 808 Boards surf shop nearby if you’re still learning how to surf.

Kiahuna Beach

The island of Kauai offers seasonal surfing spots that both beginners and professionals can enjoy, and Kiahuna beach is the perfect spot on this part of Hawaii to  get your wetsuit on. Since it is located on the southern end of the island, it offers two types of waves that you can choose from depending on your surfing skills.

If you stay on the shallower area between the beach and the reef, you’ll get smaller but consistent waves that are perfect for practicing. But if you’re an advanced surfer and want more adventure, you can always go past the reef where swells are bigger and more intense.

Ehukai Beach Park

Oahu is every surfer’s dream island to visit because of one spot: the North Shore. Here, you’ll experience some of the biggest waves in your life and you get to brag about riding the same waves that Tom Curren and Eddie Aikau surfed on. Ehukai Beach, however, is not for the faint-hearted because it has very dangerous waves and swells.

In fact, even professional surfers are not recommended to surf in this spot if they’re not accustomed to North Shore surfing. But, you can always watch the superstars catching those big swells or just  enjoy the vibrant surfing culture in this part of the island.

Are you ready to ride on your board and test your surfing skills in one of these top Hawaiian spots?

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