3 Reasons to Dive in Bonaire

Bonaire is the B in ABC islands – Aruba and Curacao being the other two – that form the western-most part of the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. With an arid climate and a location outside Hurricane Alley, the island welcomes lots of tourists who want to spend days out in the sun and close to the sea. Bonaire has also built a reputation for being a  popular diving site, and here's why:

It accommodates all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, there is a site that caters to your skill level. With 63 official dive sites and 26 more on the islet of Klein Bonaire, you have a varied list of options to choose from.

It has a rich underwater life. Bonaire is home to more than 50 species of soft and stony coral. And with over 350 recorded fish species, you're in for a truly varied underwater viewing experience.

It has easy access to dive sites. Many of the islands dive sites are easily accessible by boat or shore. Plus, the incredibly clear waters makes it easier to document underwater life and your own adventures. The sites are also well marked and the waters remain warm with minimal current.

Shore diving may be one of the most popular activities in Bonaire, but don't rule out the wildlife on land. With an arid climate, the island is home to iguanas, pink flamingos, and even donkeys.

With a rich marine life and dive sites suited for all  diver skill levels, there's no question why Bonaire has become a popular destination in the Caribbean. When on the island, don't forget to bring underwater cameras or camera housings for your DSLR so you can capture wonderful underwater scenes to keep as souvenirs. 

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