What Are the Expected Costs for Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving costs can fall into different prices depending on when and where you do it. But generally, the expenses incurred from this activity will be on certification, equipment and the dive itself. Now, let us take a look at the expected costs of getting into this hobby.


Before you can start diving, you need to get certified first, where course and pool work rates can range anywhere from around $150 to several hundreds. If you choose to take the book portion online through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), it would cost you about $130, though you still have to pay for in-water training and open-water dives that are part of the course. In these regards, the total cost of scuba diving certification would probably cost you about $350 to $450.

Gear and Equipment

Adding to the cost of scuba diving is the fact that you will need to have your own set of gear and equipment, including mask, fins and snorkel. As for these items, there will be a wide amount of leeway, but the usual figures would be around $150 to $200. And if you are thinking of getting a full set of good quality gear, which can include a buoyancy control device, scuba regulator and dive computer, the total cost can easily run over $1,000. While you might think that it is unreasonable, remember that this hobby is not the right one to save money, as it is your life that you are risking here.


Once you get certified and go for your dive, you will need to spend some money for the operator, boat, etc. The same with certification dives, your actual dives would have different costs depending on the place and time.

So, what are the expected costs for scuba diving? It is certainly not cheap! But while it is an expensive hobby to pick, all thoughts for its costs will fade away once you go underwater and enjoy the splendid marine life that you will witness.

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