Understanding the "Going Over the Falls" Concept in Surfing

As much as people love seeing surfers ride on those huge waves on top of their boards, there’s also a different thrill in seeing them get wiped out into the water. In fact, there are terms for these wipeouts coined by professionals. 

One of the most  popular surfing wipeouts is “over the falls.” Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is an over the falls wipeout?

An over the falls wipeout in surfing generally means that the surfer is getting wiped out, but he gets sucked on top of the wave first before falling from its lip. This type of wipeout is actually one of the most dangerous in surfing because when the surfer falls, there’s a very high chance for him to hit the reef or ocean floor causing some very serious injuries. Some surfers even die from an over the falls wipe out, which is why it’s very important to know how to avoid it.

How do you avoid going over the falls?

Although you can’t really predict what would happen once you hit the water as a surfer, there are some tips that professionals use to avoid going over the falls. First, you need to paddle fast and steadily until you feel the right time to stand up. The sooner you get up on the board, the better your chances of avoiding any wipeouts.

Some pros also suggest that you pop up as early as possible since it’s easier to control your board when you’re already riding it. Of course, it’s very important to position yourself properly on the board. 

Make sure to move your chest backwards, arch your back and keep the nose of your board slightly above the surface. This will help you avoid falling over or getting sucked by the wave.

Surfing is definitely one of the more high-risk sports out there. But with proper training, precautions and a lot of practice, you’ll surely enjoy your time in the water while keeping yourself safe. Although a wipeout is inevitable at some point, learning how to handle it properly will help you avoid serious injuries.

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