Top Techniques When Freediving To Make It A Better Experience

If this is your first time to engage in freediving, then you have to know a few techniques on how to do it properly. Basically, it is not how eager you are to get in the water, but it is how you can do it right with utmost safety.

  • Don’t Dive Alone

It is clearly ill-advised if you are going to dive alone, especially when you are a beginner. It is also the most important rule in freediving, because it promotes a buddy system. Take note that it is vital to watch out for each other when underwater, as well as learn how to focus on safety upon every dive. This is regardless if the water is shallow or deep.

  • Take A Freediver Course

It is important that you know what your body is capable of doing and what it can’t. That’s why you have to enroll on a freediver course so that you can learn your capability and the safety aspect of freediving. Likewise, it can help you know more about the basic elements of freediving in a step-by-step process, building your confidence throughout the duration of the course.

  • Don’t Forget To Have Fun

You need not disregard the beauty that awaits you underwater. This is because you will experience something that you think might be out of this world. You can just imagine how glorious it is joining the fish as they swim, diving with the pod of dolphins, and taking pictures while you’re at it.

Of course, when you go freediving, it is best that you know about the environment and learn how to protect it. You can begin in your own local dive spots where you might be able to join a local chapter advocating for cleaner oceans.

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