Top Diving Sites in Florida, USA

Anyone who has donned a buoyancy compensator and scuba mask knows under the ocean’s waters lies a special world that is full of colors beyond your imagination. Of course, you have to make a substantial investment and some effort to get certified and experience this wonderful activity, but once you do, you will be up for a virtually limitless world of exploration. You can make your experience even better by diving at the best destinations in the US, such as Florida. Here are the  top diving spots in the Sunshine State:

1. Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail at the Biscayne National Park

This national park is not only a favorite among local divers, but also those from around the world. Here, you will have a mapped-out trail of 6 wrecks that you can explore the whole day, with many of the spots in clear waters offering high visibility even from near the surface. One specific area that you should check out is around the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse, which boasts of a colorful ecosystem with marine life congregating close to the shore.

2. Blue Heron Bridge at West Palm Beach

When it comes to shore diving, this would be the best place to go, where you can enjoy a diversity of shallow-water marine life that is incomparable to other parts of Florida. Diving just about 20 feet down will allow you to get up close with wonderful species, such as angel fish, octopus, lobsters, seahorses and even manatees. The accessibility and shallow depth of its shorelines make it one of the state’s easiest dives.

3. Molasses Reef at Key Largo

Many people consider this spot as the most popular reef in Florida, serving as a perfect shallow dive for those who do not have a lot of experience underwater. It is the certification dive spot of choice for many local divers in South Florida.

There you have it. The next time you go for a diving trip, make Florida your destination, and make sure you do not miss these top spots!

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