Packing For a Dive Trip Like a Pro

Packing for your next diving adventure can be fun and challenging at the same time. Before getting too excited diving into crystal blue and warm waters, you need to know how to  pack your essentials, making sure everything will fit and secure.

Packing your bag like a pro will not only give you the peace of mind that your gear arrives safely but also saves you from paying too much excess baggage fees.

What to Pack

With the ever increasing baggage fees, only consider bringing your main “support systems”.

BCD, regulator, and computer should go in your bag to keep your dive profile accurate. There is no point in going for diving holiday when you spend time learning on a new dive computer there.

Your mask also deserves a spot in your bag to avoid discomfort or inconvenience trying to clear a leaky rental mask. Besides, with the COVID19 pandemic, it is wise to bring your personal mask.

Booties and fins are OK to bring too since you are used to them. Do not forget to pack spare dive essentials that you can quickly use when needed apart from your main dive gear.

Suits depend where you are heading. It is recommended to bring your own drysuit when diving in cold weather and for hygiene purposes. But if you want to save some pounds off your baggage, suits for rent are also available.

And of course your personal items and camera to document what you have seen underwater.

How to Pack

Packing your dive bag takes careful consideration to make sure none of your gear is broken. Essentially, you should pack your stuff based on what you need last. Also, you should put fragile items in the middle of the bag.

  • 1.Put your fins first in the bag. But if you have side fin pockets, then that is better.
  • 2.Then, add your dive accessories like masks, gloves, reel, snorkel, etc.
  • 3.Place BCD in the middle with the back facing the bottom. Camera, regulators, and computer should be on top of the BCD. Make sure to put extra cushion by wrapping each item with towel, clothes, or bubble wrap.

Now add your suit on top of everything for extra padding. Lastly, put all your clothes and other personal belongings. Pad empty spaces of the bag with old newspapers to keep the bag compact.

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