Here's a Useful Guide to Better Safety When Spearfishing

Spearfishing has been a well-liked activity by many sports water enthusiasts because of its rewards. The thrill of stalking boar fishes or golden snappers for example, the waiting for them to come out from their hideouts, and then finally catching them with a spear is definitely exciting.

Many enthusiasts spearfish because of the pleasure in catching their own food and bringing it to the table. There are also others who do the sport because they want to fish competitively at different spearfishing tournaments and championships.

Regardless of the reason, divers who take part in this activity need specific experience, fitness levels and equipment for their safety. Yes, there are risks involved but if you come to the water well-prepared, the danger can be minimized if not altered completely.

High Level of Fitness and Health

Since the ocean can have unpredictable conditions, spear fishers need to know how to manage it properly. Free diving courses and spearfishing trainings are plenty throughout the US and in other countries as well. And of course, the level of fitness should be on top of your list too. Having poor health and pre-existing health condition/s can largely effect your performance on the water and in many cases, have led to fatalities. So the first thing you have to consider to ensure that you’re safe while spearfishing is your level of health and fitness.

Seek medical advice first if you have respiratory or lung conditions before. A heart disorder should also be cause for concern and if you are taking any medications, it is best not to venture into the water until you’re fully well.

Proper Spearfishing and Diving Equipment

With the range of different brands out there today, it can easily get confusing which is the best. However, as long as you buy spearfishing gear that’s high quality, it will surely save you money for the long term and will lead you to success more quickly.

The basic spearfishing equipment includes the following:

Mask – make sure that it fits your face perfectly and you are comfortable while wearing it. Choose one that is made of tempered glass and can offer a great field of vision. Low volume masks are ideal for breath hold diving so this is recommended for spear fishers.

Float – brightly colored float is a must so that it can be easily spotted by sailors and other people on the water. Aside from providing safety, the float can also be used to carry the fish that you caught hence, it is one of the most important equipment while spearfishing.

Knife – choose one that has a blade of 3-4 inches and has a robust design. Make sure that it is easily accessible so you can wear it on the thigh, arm or calf.

Pole Spear - the same with any spearfishing equipment, this should be handled with care so that accidents won't happen. Keep it down when not in use and store in a cool dry place.

Wetsuit - the ideal one should give you a snug fit and let you feel as comfortable as possible especially that most spear fishers may spend 3-6 hours in the water. You can also pick a wetsuit that comes with hard sole boots so that your feet is still protected while walking on rocks on on the beach. 

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