Found A Beached Whale Or Dolphin? Here Are Things You Shouldn’t Do

Have you ever encountered a situation that involves a dolphin or whale  on the beach? Finding such mammals on the beach can be overwhelming which can lead you to wonder exactly what you are going to do when that happens.

With that said, finding dolphins or whales on the beach is not a normal phenomenon. As a matter of fact, they don’t just beach themselves under any normal circumstances. Take note that they may require assistance for that matter.

If you are eager to know what to do when such a circumstance can happen at your least expected moment, then here are specific points that you need to consider when you encounter such a phenomenon.

Do not attempt to rescue the animal yourself. If possible, contact animal rescue or a specialist marine animal rescue team to assist you.

    • Instead, do provide first aid in accordance with the animal you have found on the beach.
    • Likewise, make sure that you support the animal in an upright position and dig trenches below the pectoral fins if possible.
    • Cover the animal using wet sheets or towels and keep it moist by dousing or spraying some water.

Do not cover or allow water to pass through the nostril or blowhole found on top of the head of the animal. Note that this can cause great distress and might even kill it.

    • You should observe calm, gentle, and quiet movement around the stranded animal. That is because excessive noise or any disturbance can stress it further.
    • Try to estimate the length of the animal and search for any distinguishing feature to serve as clues for the type of species you have found on the beach.
    • You should take good care of the animal and keep it away from the tail as it might inflict serious injuries.

Do not get in close contact with its breath as it can contain potentially harmful bacteria.

Do not release the animal straight out into the sea because a rescue team still has to confirm it.

You might just support the smaller animal in the water. Just make sure that you keep the blowhole above the water all the time.

Note that releasing the animal before getting any first aid or assessment from experienced medical personnel can actually do more harm than good.

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