Do You Want to be a Mermaid? Here’s Where You Can Take Courses

Whether you’re fascinated by the tail or the magical stories told about them, you can now fulfill your dream of becoming a real-life mermaid—or merman—by enrolling in mermaid courses in one of these five locations:

1. Mexico

Located on the Yucatan peninsula, Tulum will wow you with its magnificent Mayan ruins and pristine white sand beaches. But if you want to be a mermaid, Caribbean Mermaids offers mermaid camps, tours, and of course, SSI Mermaid courses where you get to live the life of a mermaid while swimming in one of Tulum’s famous cenotes.

2. United Kingdom

Are you living in the United Kingdom? Head down to Cornwall and take an SSI Mermaid, SSI Ocean Mermaid, or SSI Model Mermaid course at Aquacity Freediving. You can also check out their freediving activities or just roam around Cornwall after your mermaid stint.

3. Thailand

Whether you’re looking to take an SSI Mermaid, SSI Try Mermaid, or SSI Ocean Mermaid course, Super Dive Thailand surely has something to fulfill your mermaid dreams. With branches in Phuket, Bangkok, and Chonburi, you’ll surely love swimming in Thailand’s pristine waters while feeling like you’re one with nature. And don’t forget to take a mermaid selfie while you’re at it.

4. Australia

Australia is a diver’s dream, so it’s definitely the perfect place to get your mermaid tale on and  explore the wonders of the underwater world. One of the best places to take mermaid courses in the country is at the SSI Dive Center, Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort where you can get monofin training from some of the best in the industry and even have your photographs taken by a professional while you’re underwater.

5. Philippines

Wrapping up this list is one of the best places in the Philippines, Bohol. Freedive Academy Panglao has a team of professional mermaid instructors who can teach you the basic skills of monofin diving as well as moving like a real mermaid.

Of course, you can’t forget to take your photos amidst the picture-perfect backdrop of Panglao Island where pristine beaches, blue waters, and tropical trees will surely make you  feel at home.

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