Care and Maintenance for Wetsuits

All the essential care and maintenance needed for wetsuits can be found in the owner’s manual. So this article is intended as a general guide only in case you have lost your manual or prefer to read online.

Proper Cleaning

After each dive, you need to clean the wetsuit from salt water and dirt thoroughly. Salt water can easily dry out the suit’s neoprene material and its flexibility can be greatly affected. You need to retain the wetsuit’s flexibility so that it can still be used for a long time.

Procedure for wetsuit cleaning

With warm fresh water in a tub, soak the wetsuit for about twenty minutes. After that, use a hose to further wash the diving suit off with fresh water. Open all the zippers before placing it on a thick hanger so that air is circulated properly and complete drying will be achieved.

Before, during and after dive care

Be careful not to snag the wetsuit’s interior skin surface when donning it. Most damage can be in the form of scratching from fingernails and toenails. Don’t place it near or on hot surfaces.

During any dive, your wetsuit will be subjected to different conditions of the outdoors. Sharp rocks and other objects underwater can create cuts and scrapes on the exterior nylon surface. So be aware of this possibility so that due care will be given. If ever you notice a small cut or puncture after a dive, you can repair it with wetsuit glue. But ask around how it is done if it’s your first time to use it.

After dive care should also be practiced so when removing the wetsuit, unzip all zippers thoroughly and remove each section properly. You can start with the right sleeve, followed by the right and then push it down to half of your body. Get off from the suit completely by taking off the right leg and then left, all the while taking extra care not to scratch any surface with your nails and any other sharp objects around.

Have fun diving!

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