Basic Scuba Diving Equipment and Where to Use Them

The world of scuba diving has been made possible because of the various developments in scuba diving equipment. So what exactly is it? In a nutshell,  scuba equipment makes it possible for divers to breathe underwater in longer periods of time compared to relying merely on human breathing. It also allows divers to move and explore the underwater world more freely and comfortably.

Scuba diving gear makes it possible for humans to spend more time on water and transform from being a land dweller for small periods of time.

Here are some basic scuba diving equipment and their use:

  • Mask – enable divers to see clearly while enjoying the amazing sights underwater
  • Scuba regulator and tank – provides, monitors, and regulates the air you need underwater
  • Wetsuits – provides the right level of warmth and comes with various types depending on the kind of dive you are going for and the temperature of the diving site
  • Fins – helps you to swim and move around efficiently

Aside from the right type of scuba diving gear, you also have to keep in mind that suitability, fit, and comfort are also important when choosing them. There are also various colors and styles if you don’t want to sacrifice preferences over practicality.

Where to use scuba diving equipment?

The scuba diving gear you will use will also have to depend on the diving environment. Four general categories are available for diving equipment although some like diving masks are usable in all different environments.

Temperate scuba diving equipment – with this type, you can dive in temperate climates and have maximum versatility. This gear can be used in 15-24ºC/60-75ºF water temp.

Cold water diving equipment – despite the cold temperature these diving destinations offer great experiences so a lot of divers still aim to experience them.  Scuba gear for cold climates should be used with 15ºC/60ºF or below as temp.

Tropical scuba diving equipment – minimal protection is needed when diving in warm and clear water so you have to use light weight diving gear with temp at 24ºC/75ºF or more. 

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