A Calendar For Upcoming Scuba Diving Events In The 1st Quarter Of 2019

Are you looking for the complete guide for the 2019 scuba diving events nearest you? Well, search no further because you have found what you have been looking for.

The scuba diving industry has made an announcement regarding the upcoming events in response to the customer base of 100,000. This indicates the list of events for the first quarter of the year.


10-12 – A Surf Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida during these days. However, this is a trade only event and will feature booths of apparel and equipment, and a lineup of special events, such as awards, demos, and fashion shows.

1-14 – The Paris International Dive Show will also be held in Paris, France.

19-27 – The Dusseldorf International Boat Show will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The event showcases innovative marketing and communication strategy to address new target groups with its new and attractive trade fair design.


5-7 – An UnderWater Intervention will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on these dates. It is the premier event for the underwater operations industry. This will draw leaders of the industry from around the world.

15-19 – The Miami International Boat Show is going to be in Miami, Florida.

16-17 – Our World Underwater Dive Show and Travel Show will be in Chicago, Illinois. This event will be open to the public, especially those who want to become a certified scuba diver.

22-23 – DC DiveShow is scheduled to be in Washington, DC this year. This is intended for the local scuba divers and travel professionals.


8-10 – The Boston Sea Rover Show kicks off in Danvers, Massachusetts this year. This is intended for all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to raise awareness of the underwater world.

16-17 – Great Northern Dive Show will be held in Ringway, UK. This will be open for the public, especially those who love to be part of the scuba diving community.

17-18 – DykMassan The Swedish Dive Show is scheduled to be in Nackastrandsmassan, Sweden. It will host the venue for freedivers, scuba divers, and sports divers, and anyone who loves to be underwater.

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