7 Accessories Every Scuba Diver Needs

Every diver needs a set of must-have items – tools, accessories, etc. As fun as it is being several feet underwater, you always have to put safety first before enjoyment.

With that said, here are the items you need to make your scuba diving experience a whole lot better, and of course, a whole lot safer.

Dive Lights

Scubapro Nova 2100 Dive Light

The world under water is a whole different atmosphere when night comes. This is why you always have to bring a dive light along with you. And yes, that's even if you start your dive during the day. It's best if you have all tools and accessories with you in case you run into any emergencies.

Not only that, taking along some form of light source with you when diving is quite useful when checking out crevices and such.

Here at Scuba Choice, we have a variety of dive lights that you can choose from such as a LED torch light or a water-activated LED flashlight.


Suunto SK8 Diving Wrist Compass

Getting lost underwater is the last thing you want to happen. However, it's quite a common scenario, especially when you get separated from your team. This is why it's so important to have a compass along with you so you can easily navigate back to the boat or back to your crew.

Tool Kit

Deluxe Scuba Diving Dive Tool Kit - 16 Tools & 50 O-Rings

The last any diver wishes to avoid is having something go wrong with their equipment. However, these things are part of the scuba diving life which is why every diver needs to come prepared. This makes having a scuba diving tool kit along with you for any repairs or emergency uses you might need.

Clips & Lanyards

Boat Marine Clip Blue Aluminum Locking Clip Hook Carabiner 2.7", 3pc pack

You need to hold all your accessories and tools in one accessible spot, and these are what clips are for. They make you a more organized diver as you have everything you need right within reach – no need to open bags or bring along unnecessary things.

Dive Knife

8.5" Spearfishing Low Volume Point-Tip Sharp Black Blade Dive Knife w/ Straps

This is one of the most basic of tools that every diver needs to have when they dive. Lots of things can happen underwater, one of which is entanglement. Having a dive knife along gives you a cutting tool to clear you out of harm's way.

Not only is it a useful cutting tool, but it's for your general safety as well. You can dig the knife into the sea bed so as not to get swept away, for example.

Signaling Device

Scuba Choice Diver Below 6ft Surface Marker with Pouch & Whistle

Sometimes, you need to catch the attention of whoever is on the surface. This is why surface signaling devices are so important to take along on a dive. This is definitely one safety equipment you'd want to have in case you ever need assistance.

You can choose a device that is audible or visible, but it is recommended to bring both kinds. Whether it be an inflatable signal floater or a rattle signal device, having these items with you can make a whole lot difference, especially when it comes to your safety.


Maverick Salvimar Dry Backpack 60L

Where else would you stash your gear, clothing and accessories, right? As tempting as it is to go and buy just any bag, it's always best to buy a dive-specific type of bag. These items are specifically made to withstand whatever it may get exposed to on your scuba adventures – water, sun, etc.

One good example is the Cressi Goriila Duffel Bag – which we here which can fit long free diving fins. Not only that, it's also waterproof so you won't have problems with about getting whatever is inside wet. When you place your wet things in the bag, you can let the water out through a special drain cap.

With all of these tools and accessories, your scuba diving experience will be a whole lot safer and loads of fun. 

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