3 Must-Try Diving Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a diver’s paradise not only because of its beautiful waters but also because of the many diving spots that you can choose from, whether you’re a leisure or professional diver. Here are three of the best spots in Costa Rica to  enjoy a memorable dive:

1. Catalina Islands

From Playas del Coco, travel 30 minutes by boat to reach Catalina Islands. These small islands are already an attraction to beachgoers, but for divers, it’s the stunning underwater landscape that really makes it worth visiting. Here, you’ll see a wide array of marine life, corals, caves, and caverns that will surely make your dive worthwhile.

2. Cocos Island National Marine Park

Located about 342 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, the Cocos Island National Marine Park is a true gem for divers. In fact, it’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002 and it’s been protected by park rangers to preserve the park.

The water conditions and underwater landscape are also different in this area, which means that only experienced divers are recommended to dive here.

The Cocos Island National Marine Park is home to massive schools of sharks, fishes, and other marine life that’s why diving here is definitely a worthwhile experience.

3. Cano Island

If Cocos Island is too far or vast for your diving experience, you can always go to Cano Island instead. The Isla de Cano is another protected marine park that offers one of the best diving experiences in Costa Rica. Here, you’ll see rich marine life including sharks, whales, dolphins, and turtles along with stunning coral reefs.

You can also enjoy diving in some wrecks and the nearby Drake Bay that’s also a must-try destination for divers.

Costa Rica is indeed one of the most beautiful places on earth not only for its scenic views but also its stunning underwater landscape. So, if you’re a diver looking for a new diving destination, you should consider visiting beautiful Costa Rica on your next trip.

The good news is that scuba diving in Costa Rica is available all year, although the dry season that runs from December to April is the most ideal time to visit the island.

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